Friday, 2 October 2009

I'm sorry that this blog has no structure.

I always quite liked the idea of blogging, but in all honesty i'm just a bit lazy. But today i have motivation, so i'm putting it to good use :D

Q. Where has this motivation come from?

Yes indeedy. I'm off to peru. And not for some cushy holiday in a nice little resort in the mountains. Nu uh. There's a 20 hour 1200m hike up to Machu Picchu. And we get to set up eco-projects for the poor villagers and help the little children in the schools. And you sleep in hammocks in the rainforest. AND THERE ARE MONKEYS.

On the downside, it costs £3000, but we fundraise it in a big group and get sponsorship and stuff so it shouldn't be too hard. Plus, we have nearly two years to do it. :)

I'm so stupidly excited ^ ^

Today, I got all excited when mum told me I had a parcel in the post. So when I got home from school I opened it..and it was a plastic bag. You're s'posed to put it over your shower head, turn it on for 5 seconds and see how much water is in it. If it's above a certain line, you waste too much water. Now this is all well and good. However, not only was I disappointed that it wasn't some amazing gift from afar, I don't even have a fricking shower. If you're gonna send me this rubbish, send me useful rubbish, yes?

Obsession of the day: First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes. I'm not even kidding. This song is love. But the video's even better..I'd put it here for you to watch but..I'm new to all this and havn't got the foggiest. So go watch it for yourself. gogogo.

If not, here's my favourite line:
And you said, "This is the first day of my life. I'm glad I didn't die before I met you. But, now I don't care, I could go anywhere with you and I'd probably be happy." Like wow?

Aside from that, I've decided I'm gonna do a little bit at the end of every blog that has a point..ish :)

Today's thing with a point - 15 things in my bedroom.
  1. A pair of red babies wellies. Just 'cause they're cute.
  2. A keyboard with all the notes written on. I know, it's bad. I've been playing for years but I still learn twice as fast with the notes on there.
  3. About 25 windchimes. I don't have the patience to count.
  4. Pink and orange cutomised number plates that this boy gave to me as a bribe to get me to go out with him when I was 10. His dad's job involved making them or something.
  5. A four leaf clover. It's true that they bring you luck. Seriously ^ ^
  6. Loads of those photos you get taken on rollercoasters. Most of them scanned 'cause my friends are cheapskates and just buy one between like 10 of us :P
  7. A scanned and laminated school timetable. I'm such a geek ;)
  8. Every Rusell Brand DVD ever.
  9. Tickets from all the shows and films I've seen over the past few years. And train tickets.
  10. About 5 hair brushes 'cause I tend to lose them, buy a new one and find them again.
  11. Loads of broken pens cause I chew them beyond use. I chew everything. It's a bad habit.
  12. Okay my room is tiny. This is getting difficult. A noticeboard that Maddy made me?
  13. A piece of paper that says NO PROBING PLEASE.
  14. A tide timetable.
  15. A bin full of ice pole wrappers. *is not addicted*
I'm not sure when I'll blog again. I guess it'll be the next time I'm deperately avoiding the fact that I should be doing homework. :)